Monday, November 18, 2013

South Africa: New & Old

The African National Congress went swiftly from being a revolutionary opposition to being part of the South African goverment. Suddenly recent enemies had to work together. Economic structures stood outside of this and remained largely untouched -- so economic injustice persists, as Barry Gilder, formerly of the ANC and the South African goverment, tells Judith Van Allen. Recorded November 1 & 4, 2013.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Far Right Threat - Left Response

DSA Vice Chair Joe Schwartz tells Rich Hilliard how the far right fixates on deficits and wants to close them only by cutting civilian discretionary spending. The center right and all too many Democrats are caught up in this too. It will take independent action by low-wage workers and immigrants to insist that jobs and infrastructure must come first, and then prosperity will reduce the deficit. It might help if progressives challenged centrist Democrats in primaries. Recorded August 18, 2013.

Streets Alive! 2013

Theresa Alt and Christopher Hayes visit Ithaca's Streets Alive! event, with North Cayuga Street closed to cars and open to pedestrians and cyclists. They hear from Karim Beers of Get Your GreenBack Tompkins about the advantages of walking and biking. Tim Logue, City of Ithaca Transportation Engineer, explains the City's role in transportation. Recorded May 5 & 16, 2013.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You Can't Cut Your Way Out of a Recession


Joseph Schwartz, Professor of Political Science at Temple University and Vice Chair of Democratic Socialists of America tells Petra Hepburn that the economy is in a bad state in the US and even worse in parts of Europe. Cutting government programs is the worst thing to do under those circumstances!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

After the Harvest of Empire

Juan Gonzalez, co-host of Democracy Now! and columnist for the New York Daily News, tells Patricia Rodriguez about Latino immigration to the US, how US policy often drove it, how improved conditions in Latin America are now slowing it, and how Latino citizens are bringing us to immigration reform.